Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends…

24 Nov

The Word says that we are kings and priests and so it is! This is the truth regardless of our circumstances.

Thanksgiving is such a special holiday that gives us the opportunity to share quality time with family and friends over delicious Turkey and all the savory smelling dishes that are laid out on a beautifully decorated dining table.  To many, it is a time of joy and celebration. But, to others who don’t have any to celebrate with, it can become a lonely day.  Most of us who have the opportunity to share this holiday with family usually concentrate on the feast, the laughter and the fun which stimulates our physical, emotional and mental needs. We only see and value the glitter that the holiday brings.

Thanksgiving should be a daily process. Often, we focus on what we have and forget who we are! The two are not related at all – what we have or don’t have has nothing to do with who we are! Thanksgiving is a daily process where we celebrate who we really are in Christ; therefore, we should be able to thank God in all things.  We have to be in a frame of mind to always thank God when the sun is out, we must thank Him when it rains, we must thank Him When we are full and when we are hungry.  Since God’s will is our will, and whatever pleases Him pleases us, we must trust Him and thank Him.  Whatever circumstances we are in should not change the way we feel.  Yes, we can have nothing, yet have it all. It is all a state of mind. Whatever we give value to is what dictates our state of emotion.  All we have to do is truly understand that we are children of the Most High God, the apple of His eyes and His treasured possessions.  The Word says that we are kings and priests and so it is! God is in charge of our lives and cares for us in all things. We need to let this truth become life in our spirit. Then we can give all our concerns to the Lord and see ourselves as He does – Kings and Priests! Then we can thank God in every circumstance and there, we will find our victory.  When we go to God with our requests we are to do so with a spirit of thankfulness. God doesn’t discourage us from approaching him with our needs; just the opposite, He wants us to go to Him with all of our requests. God is also faithful to take care of all our requests because He cares for us.  All we have to do is trust and rely on Him.

This Thanksgiving Holiday, I would like to encourage you not to look for the glitter that is here today and gone tomorrow.  Focus on the true Love of Jesus who hanged on the Cross for you. And He should be our only reason to celebrate each and every day of our lives with thanksgiving, joy and gladness. Because He is the only one who qualified us to be kings and priests of the Most High by paying the penalties for our sins.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,

Tersit Asrat

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One response to “Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends…

  1. Lynwood (Charles) Walker

    December 5, 2011 at 2:58 AM

    Wow it is a great pleasure to come upon this T.V. station. I first me your reps at a Festival by Antioch. A Christian church in Long Beach, CA., off Shoreline Drive there across from the Queen Mary. I live just down Ocean Blvd., in Belmont Shore, a community of South Long Beach and I want to be your customer.

    It was fun speaking with your Representatives at your booths inside the Antioch Festival. I collected so much information. Even some of those people should be on your programing. That’s just my own opinion, thank you so much. I have a one of those Converter Channel boxes but; I can’t seem to get it working. So I resume watching local T.V.

    Thank you for Pastor Price family on-board with you from the Faith They are a real treat & I am looking forward to seeing them when I can finally get hooked up with you.

    Until then and after: God’s Best!!


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