From The Heart of HBN…

10 Oct

Dear Family & Friends of HBN,

Greetings to everyone who participated in making the “Blessing Africa” event a success. This ministry is so very close to my heart. Thank you for placing your face next to mine so that your eyes aligned with mine and you could see what I see. I am grateful.
After many prayers, the hard work of organizing and promoting the 7th annual Blessing Africa event, I am truly happy that we did excellent on Sunday, September 25th.  We have been planning this event for the last six months, meeting in person and by phone. God has given me wonderful sisters who are a part of Hosanna Council, lead by Ms. Yolana Young.  These ladies and I have worked tirelessly looking for the perfect venue, booking entertainment, planning the menu, preparing the fashion show, raffle gifts, live auction and more.  We did all we could because we’re motivated by the love of the Father to care for His children who are destitute.  We knew that each effort we made towards making this event a success would translate into possibly expanding the orphanage and the children’s project so that we can rescue more vulnerable children from the frightening streets of Addis Ababa.
Most of our children came from all walks of life.  When they first come into the program, they have mixed feelings. On one side, they are happy that someone rescued them from the dangers of the streets. They are excited that there is hot food to eat, a comfortable bed to sleep in and other sisters who have been through a rough life like themselves.  On the other hand, since they have not learned to trust others, their beautiful brown eyes are wondering around to see if this is for real or there is an ulterior motive for them being in this house.  Since they have been exposed to so much horror and abuse on the streets, they are full of anger, fear, doubt, pain and distrust.  Each girl comes to us with a unique personality that our two counselors and myself (when I can be there) work hard to show them the Love of God that has allowed them to have our paths cross with theirs. If there is no program such as ours, these girls would still be on the streets suffering each and every day. 
I believe the staff of Hosanna Foundation, Hosanna Council and Hosanna Board members all are an extension of what we are doing at our girls’ home in Ethiopia.  We share a common goal to insure that our girls have been exposed to the best in life. Although most of us have not been to Ethiopia to see the girls in person, the Love of God that is within us is the same as the Love of God that is in our staff’s heart who cares for the girls on a daily basis.  His pure love is our motivation to do what we do.  God has filled our hearts with compassion to be able to totally commit to undertake such a project. For me, as the founder of Hosanna Foundation and the girls’ home, my heart is filled with joy each time I am there and during my frequent phone calls to them. A few months ago one of my girls, Rosa, said to me, “Mommy, you know you have taught me what a mother’s love is all about.”  Rosa lost her parents when she was four years old.  She along with her two brothers were sleeping on the streets and begging on a daily basis for their survival.  Hosanna pays for her two brothers to have a room so that they can sleep safely at night and have food to eat.  Rosa, however, gets all that she needs and more. Rosa is one of our girls who are high achievers.  She is full of love. She cannot stop hugging and loving anyone who comes her way.  She was not like that when she first came. It was the work of the staff, myself as well as a wonderful missionary by the name of Auntie Nicolas (as my girls would call her) who by the help of the Holy Spirit helped transform her.  This and many other stories are the reason Hosanna Council, Hosanna Staff, Hosanna Board and myself work hard to insure continuous safety and a stable life for our girls. I believe this is also the reason most of our partners and donors give to our organization.  Each year that we host Blessing Africa, I make out my list and ask my friends to sell ten tickets each.  They do it because they know how serious I am about my girls and our projects in Ethiopia.  It all boils down to emulating the Love of God through us to others so that they too can be a part of God’s movement to help those who are in need. It is about being the Voice of Jesus Christ. 
Tersit Asrat

Founder of Hosanna Broadcasting Network



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